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A rhythmic and musical energizer that provides all the kids renewed energy and musical understanding - inspiration on how to make the entire audience play classical music.

1-2-3 Together! 


The workshop provides almost a 1000 boomwhackers to be used in the making of a classical concert. All the kids will be transformed into a large orchestra and will be introduced to conducting, reading musicscores and understanding the importance of listening in to each other. 

The workshop takes the audience through rhythmic interaction, 

motor exercises and entertaining musical challenges. At the end of the workshop the entire audience will be performing a classical piece by Beethoven.

An interactive, musical and very different experience!


Participants: Maximum of 90

Duration: 1 hour

Price:   ISK 72.000 (all included)


STOMP - we can all make music on everyday stuff...!!


A fun and entertaining workshop where all participants have to play music together....on a lot of trash! Jesper brings colorful trash cans, brooms, tubes, pipes, cans and newspapers and we use it all to built a groovy STOMP band. 


Jesper guides you through a course that combines sounds, motor skills and the many instruments and it all ends in a big STOMP band playing the coolest grooves and doing some craaaazy moves. 

Focus on sustainability...also in our music.

Practical:  the workshop works great both indoor & outdoor

This workshop was awarded "Best Workshop 2019".


Participants: Maximum of 90

Duration:  1 hour

Price:    ISK 72.000 (all included)

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